Amber Soul

Amber Soul
Kind Earth pony
Sex Male
Occupation Knight

Amber Soul (name changed from Sir Ambre de Fer Doré) is an Earth pony stallion born in Prance, and was the knight assigned to protect and serve Scarlet Mist, who is know considered by the aforementioned mare as her brother.

Biography Edit

Amber Soul is a very extroverted stallion. He holds no shame in expressing his passion for life and all that it gives him, including music and festive environments. Many ponies would assume this means he is a stallion with little concentration and drive, but he is as determined as they come and will stop at nothing to defend those close to him and even teach them how to defend themselves.

History Edit

Amber Soul was born in Blackmist March, Prance, where he went by his original name of Ambre. He was born to an ordinary family, but was left as an orphan when a dangerous group of cultists torched his house, killing his parents. Baxton I de Chevalier, Marquis of Blackmist March, was called upon to look over the attack and learned of Ambre's survival, deciding that it would be best for the orphan to be trained as a knight in Maison Fer Doré: a house dedicated to the training of knights to serve the nobles of Maison Chevalier.

As the years went by, he was eventually assigned to his charge: Scarlet Mist. The two became very good friends as Ambre served Scarlet, and continued to do so for the rest of Scarlet's time as Margravine.

When Scarlet Mist met Lucan, he stayed by her side when she discarded her title as Margravine to be with the pegasus stallion. When he decided to stay, he changed his name to Amber Soul and remained by Scarlet's side, who decided to refer to him as her brother as a way to integrate themselves into their new lives outside of the Fansie noble houses.

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