Lunar Mist

Lunar Mist

The bat that swims.

Lunar Misty - Light Armor

VF-B01 "Storm Vanguard"

Kind Bat Pony
Sex Female
Residence Neighpon
Occupation Valkyrie; VF-B01 "Storm Vanguard"
Nationality NeighponeseNeighpon text Horz

Hayase Mitsuki (速瀬 水月 はやせ みつき?)

Valkyrie Roster
Active Roster
  •    Flight A   
  •    Captain Rising Star   
  •    2nd Lieutenant Sagetree Wishes   
  •    2nd Lieutenant Steel Harp   
  •    2nd Lieutenant Purrl   
  •    2nd Lieutenant Patience

  •    Flight B   
  •    Lieutenant Lunar Mist   
  •    2nd Lieutenant Silver Spear   
  •    2nd Lieutenant Night Edge   
  •    2nd Lieutenant Dazzling Edge   
  •    2nd Lieutenant

  •    Flight C   
  •    Lieutenant Frost Flower   
  •    2nd Lieutenant Melody Breeze   
  •    2nd Lieutenant   
  •    2nd Lieutenant   
  •    2nd Lieutenant

  •    Flight D   
  •    Lieutenant   
  •    2nd Lieutenant   
  •    2nd Lieutenant   
  •    2nd Lieutenant   
  •    2nd Lieutenant

  •    Instructors   
  •    Major Mossy Shrine   
  •    Professor Moonlight Echos

  •    Operations   
  •    Lieutenant Chilly Illiad   

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