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Twenty FirstEdit

[12/31/2014 10:43:58 PM] Moxypony: Sorry for throwing this in here, it popped in my head and I didn't really want to write it anywhere else

"My study under Zecora has yet to grant me the secrets to developing an ice talisman capable of being integrated into my sword, but my continued studies have unearthed an entirely new series of possibilities.
While the talisman structure has proven insufficient to sustain any artificially produced elemental charge, (as is required for the creation of any elemental construct) it is however capable of replicating naturally occurring substances, provided I am able to obtain a pure enough sample of the original substance. The process used is largely based on the same water talisman designs currently in use by Stable-Tec, but reduced to a smaller scale and capable of replicating more complex chemical compounds at the cost of rate of production. Stable-Tec water talismans are capable of producing enough water to supply an entire society, so reducing the output is hardly problematic for use in a blade.
I've begun studying the effects of the venoms of a number of hemotoxic snakes indigenous to the Zebra homeland, and have confidence that my talisman will be able to not only replicate this venom, but even potentially enhance its effectiveness.
I plan to forge a new blade in the near future, and will finish this new Project 'Sting' before returning to work on Project 'First Snow.'"
-Alicia de Chevalier, Ministry of Awesome research log #XX

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