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[7/11/2014 8:14:52 AM] Cherry Bloom: What's the numerical designation for the Luneria vault?
[7/11/2014 8:26:56 AM] Lorelei Hoshi: A very good question
[7/11/2014 8:28:02 AM] Cherry Bloom: So I'm thinking we could give special meaning through this.
[7/11/2014 8:36:38 AM] Lorelei Hoshi: 37564
[7/11/2014 8:37:34 AM] Lorelei Hoshi: 39 can be read as "san-kyu" (thank you); or "mi-ku"
[7/11/2014 8:39:25 AM] Cherry Bloom:

Go- Ji - 510 "Protection"
[7/11/2014 8:41:54 AM] Lorelei Hoshi: ooh
[7/11/2014 8:42:01 AM] Lorelei Hoshi: 510 would be perfect,
[7/11/2014 8:42:51 AM] Cherry Bloom: Goji is also Wolfberry's Japanese name
[7/11/2014 4:23:40 PM] Moxypony:

[Friday, July 11, 2014 8:40 AM] Cherry Bloom:

<<< Go- Ji - 510 "Protection"

[Friday, July 11, 2014 8:43 AM] Lorelei Hoshi:

<<< 510 would be perfect,Except that the last Stable built was Stable 101

[7/11/2014 4:25:11 PM] Moxypony: also, Moxy's back from work and finally gets to sleep in for once
[7/11/2014 4:26:11 PM] Cherry Bloom: The last known one. Since luneria itself isn't listed anywhere in FO:E...
[7/11/2014 4:26:17 PM] Cherry Bloom: Cherry Bloom hugs Moxy!
[7/11/2014 4:26:39 PM] Moxypony: it's stated that it's the last finished Stable, as I recall
[7/11/2014 4:26:55 PM | Edited 4:28:26 PM] Moxypony: which would make any higher numbers incomplete even if they do exist, wouldn't it?
[7/11/2014 4:28:27 PM] Cherry Bloom: How complete is ours and again, we already have things that deviate from both the shows and FO:E's canon. we could have one of the Stable tec ponies get a special numbered stable for her unlisted location.
[7/11/2014 4:30:28 PM] Moxypony: eh... I don't know, it doesn't really seem necessary to me
I can appreciate the whole Japanese number wordplay thing, but there are still plenty of Stables within the first hundred which haven't been used yet, even if we count the side story Stables
[7/11/2014 4:31:02 PM] Cherry Bloom: I'd rather ignore the side story ones .. since the side story ones also both ignore the side story and the main story as well
[7/11/2014 4:31:03 PM] Moxypony: if everypony wants to go with a higher number, I'll concede to popular demand, but the idea doesn't really speak to me
[7/11/2014 4:31:30 PM] Moxypony: yeah, I'm just saying that even the side stories haven't used all the numbers available yet
[7/11/2014 4:32:32 PM] Cherry Bloom: Some have used 2, and a huge number have used above 101
[7/11/2014 4:33:44 PM] Moxypony: I know the side stories have gone above 101, but I tend to feel they're overstepping their bounds by doing so..
[7/11/2014 4:34:14 PM] Moxypony: and who's used 2??
[7/11/2014 4:34:34 PM] Cherry Bloom: And we are already going beyond because our FO:E universe is a branch from an already branched universe that again has elements in tit that aren't canon to the show, eg. Luneria at all.
[7/11/2014 4:34:50 PM] Cherry Bloom: I mean
[7/11/2014 4:35:01 PM] Cherry Bloom: There's two different side stories that both use 12
[7/11/2014 4:35:13 PM] Moxypony: I've already got a plan for explaining Luneria away in the Fo:E canon
[7/11/2014 4:35:48 PM] Moxypony: information of the town was clamped down during the war to prevent the Zebras disrupting the supply lines for medicine from Luneria
[7/11/2014 4:36:22 PM] Cherry Bloom: And then you'd still have problems with other aspects such as Cherry Bloom at all who in the luneria timeline is a crusader with Apple bloom, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle at all
[7/11/2014 4:36:51 PM] Cherry Bloom: And again, we can still have it be one that wasn't listed, since its supposed to be hidden at all, and could still be a non-sequential stable.
[7/11/2014 4:36:53 PM] Moxypony: all of that is simple enough to work around without violating Fo:E canon
[7/11/2014 4:37:19 PM] Cherry Bloom: This also adds a layer of protection even if they were to discover other aspects about an additional one they'd be looking for information about a 102
[7/11/2014 4:37:40 PM] Cherry Bloom: Okay, why was stable tec only three when there were five crusaders?
[7/11/2014 4:38:02 PM] Moxypony: Babs and Cherry Bloom are involved, not CEOs
[7/11/2014 4:38:17 PM] Moxypony: upper management or something
[7/11/2014 4:38:36 PM] Cherry Bloom: And why wouldn't Cherry be who was there as a founding member of the CMC?
[7/11/2014 4:39:11 PM] Moxypony: well, she's a foal, so that'd be an apt enough explanation as to why she was less involved
[7/11/2014 4:39:56 PM] Cherry Bloom: She looks like a foal, she's the same age as the CMC.
[7/11/2014 4:40:47 PM] Moxypony: looks and acts, for the most part
[7/11/2014 4:41:08 PM] Moxypony: which would likely cause her to grow apart, at least partially, from any friends who are growing up without her
[7/11/2014 4:45:09 PM] Moxypony: like I said, I'm willing to adjust, I'm just putting forward my opinion
[7/11/2014 4:46:45 PM | Edited 4:46:53 PM] Cherry Bloom: I figured if we were already diverting from canon from the show that other allowances wouldn't be that much. Because again there was already stable 101 in the ever free and there was no mention of a second one being in the ever free itself. So to put one in luneria means that it'd have to be unlisted or a diveration from canon. and if its unlisted we can put whatever number on it we want, especially if one of the higher up childhood friends of the CEOs wanted a specific number.
[7/11/2014 11:40:44 PM] Lorelei Hoshi: As for Stable number, I am okay with whatever though going a number totally off he spectrum does pretty much nullify the chance of doubling up in another fic


[7/12/2014 12:31:26 PM] Cherry Bloom: So one issue I noticed is that Luneria and the School at Little Horn serve sort of the same purpose. and also that Luneria has a Luna Academy in it. So that is it a bit of a break in canon from FO:E.
[7/12/2014 12:33:06 PM | Edited 12:33:08 PM] Moxypony: yeah, it'd probably be best if we simply avoided mentioning the school in Legacies, out of sight, out of mind, right?
[7/12/2014 12:33:31 PM] Moxypony: or even have it reformatted into the MoP hub I was suggesting before
[7/12/2014 12:54:42 PM] Cherry Bloom: Like Blue got fried in the living armor process and his soul was split into two, being partially in his sword and the other in the suit. the part in the sword being seemingly dormant outside of a few odd qualities about the sword. tmost of it is in the suit which animates it and gives it some of his abilities, but his "humanity"/"moral center" what have you is in the sword. and at some point the soul is reunited in the sword when the sword gets run through the seemingly mindless suit.
[7/12/2014 12:55:20 PM] Cherry Bloom: When reunited the sword becomes one of those magic items with a personality and the ability to change the element the sword is enchanted with.
[7/12/2014 12:56:20 PM] Cherry Bloom: But there's no ability to be vocal in either the suit or the sword so its a scene where the mane characters of legacies will have to figure out what happened. possibly through more audio logs or memory orbs or something.
[7/12/2014 12:38:30 PM] Cherry Bloom: Okay, so Luneria is supposed to have had information clamped down on it so that information isn't leaked and supplies aren't cut off that would be needed for the long sleep.
[7/12/2014 12:38:54 PM] Cherry Bloom: However would it be listed in a possibly publicly accessible database or one that might be accessed by spies?
[7/12/2014 12:39:19 PM] Moxypony: hard to say...
[7/12/2014 12:40:10 PM] Moxypony: I'd imagine that it'd be some cooperation between the MoP and maybe the MoM, so the degree to which the secret was kept could vary
[7/12/2014 12:40:32 PM] Cherry Bloom: Or would it be possible for there to be a non-sequentially numbered Stable that's not listed in order to maintain its secrecy?
[7/12/2014 12:42:30 PM] Moxypony: so... are you thinking of having our Stable be the one monitoring all the other stables?
[7/12/2014 12:42:49 PM] Moxypony: ...all feeding back into the central computer...
[7/12/2014 12:42:54 PM] Moxypony: O_o
[7/12/2014 12:43:09 PM] Moxypony: XD
[7/12/2014 12:43:12 PM] Cherry Bloom: Could be that that might be why Cherry is not paying 100% attention to the Luneria stable.
[7/12/2014 12:43:45 PM] Cherry Bloom: But more over the point is that there is a secret vault in Fallout so we could have a secret one in Luneria
[7/12/2014 12:44:24 PM] Moxypony: yeah.. but the Secret Vault wasn't opened to civilians, was it?
[7/12/2014 12:44:30 PM] Moxypony: well, it's a possibility in any case
[7/12/2014 12:46:19 PM] Cherry Bloom: It's not discovered visibly when moving about the EFF because of Cherry Bloom's magic, its not listed in the list of stables Little Pip gets to keep it out of Zebra Hooves. Its maintained by an alicorn that's not from Equestria so the Zebra wouldn't know about Cherry Bloom.
[7/12/2014 12:47:35 PM] Cherry Bloom: It's not numbered sequentially so that if anyone finds a discrepancy in any reports or logs(The amount of supplies, power redirection etc) they wouldn't be able to look for the number since its out of sequence.
[7/12/2014 12:48:03 PM] Moxypony: Moxypony nods, "a fair point"
[7/12/2014 12:48:06 PM] Cherry Bloom: There's also the thought that 101 was the last to be finished chronologically, so any vault numbered above that was finished prior to 101 being finished.
[7/12/2014 12:48:11 PM] Moxypony: okay, I think I can agree with your reasoning
[7/12/2014 12:58:15 PM] Moxypony: hmm... this whole Secret Vault thing actually gives me some new ideas...
[7/12/2014 12:58:45 PM] Cherry Bloom: Yeah?
[7/12/2014 1:00:45 PM] Moxypony: maybe there were a large number Stable-Tec researchers/higher ups living or working in Luneria and the facility was intended for them, hiding a research facility under the Stable that the locals don't even know about.
Mayhaps an altercation between them and the natives somewhere in the past might help in explaining Luneria's militaristic defense policies.
[7/12/2014 1:05:20 PM] Moxypony: throwing ideas at the wall at this point, I'm still unsure on how we're going to want to handle the details
[7/12/2014 1:08:16 PM] Cherry Bloom: It's perfect if you wanted to include some reference to the real world Japanese tech savvy into the mlp world since we have the Neihghponese thing going.
[7/12/2014 1:10:04 PM] Cherry Bloom: Plus it could help explain why the MLP world goes from tudor with a few oddities like video games to actual robots and pipbucks. it might be mostly spell based but there's still the physical unit to condut the magic matricies as specific spells. the interactive feedback trather than simple triggers.
[7/12/2014 1:12:33 PM] Cherry Bloom: Plus this guy:

[7/12/2014 2:13:27 PM] Moxypony: it's got SS (Secret Stable) written on the door, they always just thought it was Stable 55
[7/12/2014 2:13:31 PM] Moxypony: :D
[7/12/2014 2:52:25 PM] Cherry Bloom: 55 In a hidden valley near the mountains which border the Griffin Kingdom Thrice the size of a normal stable, Stable 55 features tries to create a peaceful society by inhibiting its (primaly earth pony) inhabitants sense of desire. Fallen Angels
[7/12/2014 2:53:26 PM] Cherry Bloom: Why would they label it so obviously? Also it might be best to avoid SS that looks similar to 55
[7/12/2014 2:56:28 PM] Moxypony: the residents of Luneria are obviously going to be aware of the town, they're already a contained security risk, the labeling could be to ward off suspicion of the locals
[7/12/2014 2:57:28 PM] Moxypony: I dunno, it was just a funny idea
[7/12/2014 2:57:41 PM] Cherry Bloom: I still like 510 Secret Luneria Outpost
[7/12/2014 2:58:20 PM] Cherry Bloom: Well it might have worked better if the Nazi's didn't have the stylized SS thing and then the fact that it was used in another side story.
[7/12/2014 2:58:41 PM] Cherry Bloom: Though whichever we yuse avoiding 4 and 9 since those are bad numbers in Japanese.
[7/12/2014 2:58:53 PM] Moxypony: well my thinking was that they'd find out about another Stable 55 and realize theirs wasn't an ordinary Stable
[7/12/2014 2:59:48 PM] Cherry Bloom: Are they going to go to the griffin kingdom?
[7/12/2014 3:00:02 PM] Moxypony: Moxypony waves a dismissive hoof, "unlikely"
[7/12/2014 3:00:23 PM] Moxypony: more likely they'd find information about it in a Stable-Tec building
[7/12/2014 3:01:15 PM] Cherry Bloom: So it could still be any number since information about it is not in the Stable-tec HQ, to prevent it from being discovered through spying or whatever.
[7/12/2014 3:02:41 PM | Edited 3:02:51 PM] Moxypony: but you're assuming roughly 400 secret Stables, given how the community spreads, I wouldn't be surprised if it came to that, but still
[7/12/2014 3:03:01 PM] Cherry Bloom: Why would I assume more than one secret stable?
[7/12/2014 3:03:17 PM] Moxypony: by choosing the number 510
[7/12/2014 3:04:12 PM] Cherry Bloom: By having a sequence that leads up to 510 it is not a non-sequential numbering.

[7/12/2014 3:08:29 PM] Cherry Bloom: it obfuscates it by preventing it from being predicted by a usual pattern. part of the point if anyone looked for diversions of power or supplies being higher than expected, rather than looking for a next in sequence number e.g. 102 they wouldn't be able to deduce a pattern in the placement of stables as it's not sequential, it breaks pattern, it wouldn't show up in a predicted pattern.


[7/16/2014 1:44:18 AM] Cherry Bloom: Well, since you're so set on having a sequential number what if we ignore whatever side story uses 52 and use 52 since that can also be goji?
[7/16/2014 9:27:05 PM] Cherry Bloom:I had a suggestion about the Stable vault number.. but I have some... Reservations about the suggestion.
[7/16/2014 9:27:15 PM] Cherry Bloom: So, another number that reads as Ji is 2, so if we disregard "Just Like Clockwork" we could use 52 Or if we go off of another Suggestion we don't disregard Just like Clockwork and ours is actually SƧ rather than 52.
[7/16/2014 9:27:54 PM] Cherry Bloom:
[7/16/2014 9:28:42 PM] Cherry Bloom: That way we don't have to be in excess of 101.
[7/16/2014 9:30:41 PM] Lorelei Hoshi: Either or works well with me, I am unsure how big Just like Clockwork is with FOE
[7/16/2014 9:31:22 PM] Lorelei Hoshi: So long as we dont go over FOE, Pink Eyes and Project Horizons which seem to be the core fics
[7/16/2014 9:33:09 PM] Cherry Bloom: Also there are parts of Heroes that I like.
[7/16/2014 9:33:31 PM] Moxypony: I'm not worried about running into other side stories, but I'm still curious as to what Catch thinks
[7/16/2014 9:47:13 PM] Cherry Bloom: So what do you think of the idea?
[7/16/2014 9:48:13 PM] Moxypony: It's good with me, if you and everypony like it I'm down

[7/16/2014 10:46:36 PM] Cherry Bloom: So, here's a thought. if we were to do something special with Wolfberry, we wouldn't be the first to make our own new type of ghoul. There's quite a few other side stories that have their own new type of ghoul. So for Wolfberry, what if he was like a reverse glowing one? Due to 200 years of focusing on preventing and magic amber from one of Gaia's world trees, Wolfberry rather than giving off radiation was rather good at absorbing radiation?
[7/16/2014 10:46:36 PM] Cherry Bloom: Also an idea of incorporating into the story a Neighpon ghoul which is more akin to the clickers from The Last of Us, where by there are fungal parasites that have taken over the Ghoul ponies
[7/16/2014 10:48:27 PM] Lorelei Hoshi: For the absorbing is it a conscious effort or a constant thing?
[7/16/2014 10:48:50 PM] Cherry Bloom: First one then the other.
[7/16/2014 10:48:51 PM] Lorelei Hoshi: and would he also give it off, like Derpy after the Rad boom?
[7/16/2014 10:50:33 PM] Cherry Bloom: He wouldn't bleed it off, he'd just bulk up and get bigger. It'd give Catch something fun to play with if we have an encounter with a creature akin to a super-behemoth that isn't an alicorn.
[7/16/2014 10:50:43 PM] Cherry Bloom: Since Neighpon has all new horrors to play with. We can toy with some of the Japanese yokai...
[7/16/2014 10:50:53 PM] Cherry Bloom: or heck, we can even have a non-canon sub-story one off with Kaiju.
[7/16/2014 10:51:13 PM] Cherry Bloom: Well not so much bleed off as use up, as his body metabolized it his muscle mass would shrink back down.
[7/16/2014 10:52:32 PM | Edited 10:52:49 PM] Lorelei Hoshi: I do rather like that concept, I just recommend weighing positives with negatives as we go. His being able to be a portable radiation remover may attract attention from others to use him as such, Red Eye being one I thought of right away, forcing him to keep a rather low profile?
[7/16/2014 10:53:27 PM] Cherry Bloom: Wolfberry would never encounter Red-Eye. They probably never would have even met given the time table moxy is talking about.
[7/16/2014 10:53:44 PM] Lorelei Hoshi: Well bad example I guess,
[7/16/2014 10:54:18 PM] Cherry Bloom: If there was a Neighponese Red-Eye it'd give a villain for Moxy and Catch to play with.
[7/16/2014 10:54:49 PM] Cherry Bloom: Thing is I'm not certain. since he's going to be there until our characters discover him in the amber.
[7/16/2014 10:55:17 PM] Lorelei Hoshi: Captain Nippon
[7/16/2014 10:55:18 PM] Lorelei Hoshi: >.>
[7/16/2014 10:55:44 PM] Cherry Bloom: so he'd be rather unknown... unless there's an antagonist scientist that's theorized about him and there's a crew trying to get him (and the remnants of the megaspell) out of the amber for some reason.
[7/16/2014 10:58:20 PM] Lorelei Hoshi: A megaspell is pretty much some of the most power you can get in the Wasteland, would be granted someone would be after it. In a game of biggest guns its pretty much an ace. Basics

◆ Name: Toxic Heart

◆ Age: 8

♦ Birth date: 2273

◆ Sex: Filly

◆ Species: Pony

♦ Race: Bat Pony

◆ Cutie Mark: Purple bubbling heart

♦ Naturally talented with toxin brewing (Love is poison)

◆ Description: More of a listener than a speaker, this is not to be mistaken with shyness she simply finds little use in pointless talking. Often seeming dettached she is a difficult pony to read, some may mistake this for simple stupidity, Often speaks with an intelligence beyond her years, offering insight or wise words unexpected of one her age, this unfortunately can be shown in quick retorts to others.  Fluent in sarcasm.
[7/16/2014 11:07:35 PM] Moxypony: Equiyoto Ghoul - Following the Balefire Holocaust in the Neighponese wasteland, a fungus within the Neighponese World Tree 'Sekaiju,' mutated to feed off of Balefire Radiation. It spent years growing within the tree, soaking up Balefire Radiation from the amber of the dead world tree.
Eventually, the fungus managed to release spores into the outside world, but the harsh wastes could not support their life. The spores could only survive by attatching themselves to the living creatures of the wasteland.

From this unholy union the Equiyoto Ghoul is born. The spore overtakes the pony's entire body over a period of time, bombarding their cells with radiation from the inside, those ponies who ghoulify become overtaken by the spore's need to seek out sources of radiation, and those who do not ghoulify are left in a puddle of pony in the Neighponese Wasteland.


[7/17/2014 10:33:03 PM] Cherry Bloom: So there's a question for you. How do you think Watcher will factor in?
[7/17/2014 10:34:12 PM] Lorelei Hoshi:
[7/17/2014 10:34:27 PM] Lorelei Hoshi: Well he will be drawn to them since a group travelling through the wastelands
[7/17/2014 10:34:35 PM] Lorelei Hoshi: But Cherry is kinda the key factor there
[7/17/2014 10:34:39 PM | Edited 10:34:41 PM] Lorelei Hoshi: Since he will know her
[7/17/2014 10:34:50 PM] Cherry Bloom: Yeah.
[7/17/2014 10:36:23 PM] Lorelei Hoshi: Does Cherry retain all her memories from before the Stable or are they fragmented?
[7/17/2014 10:36:57 PM] Cherry Bloom: Hmm... Would need to ask Moxy and Catcher what would be better storywise.
[7/17/2014 10:38:25 PM] Cherry Bloom: Gamewise fragmented, that way she'd have the same skills level wise as a level 1.
[7/17/2014 10:43:45 PM] Lorelei Hoshi: Yeah,
[7/17/2014 10:44:02 PM] Lorelei Hoshi: I know catch and moxy wanted to have the element of finding out who their ancestors were in the story
[7/17/2014 10:44:16 PM] Lorelei Hoshi: Which is kinda nullified if Cherry can just tell them right off XD
[7/17/2014 11:01:33 PM] Willow Wisp: Well, I guess that is all dependant upon whether or not CB can keep a secret
[7/17/2014 11:02:08 PM] Willow Wisp: Maybe it could be that she does remember, but holds that information when the others voice their desires to learn who their ancestors were
[7/17/2014 11:04:11 PM] Cherry Bloom: "A question of motivation" Out of story in the meta, its because Moxy and Catcher want them to discover it. In story out of meta what reason would she have for keeping that secret from them?
[7/17/2014 11:10:09 PM] Lorelei Hoshi: Without reason it kinda seems cruel to withhold it
[7/17/2014 11:10:23 PM] Lorelei Hoshi: You want to know your ancestors story? Well good luck with the wastelands
[7/17/2014 11:10:23 PM] Willow Wisp: True
[7/17/2014 11:10:53 PM] Willow Wisp: It could be for personal reasons,though how that works out is not for me to say
[7/17/2014 11:20:22 PM] Cherry Bloom: And you can't exactly point to Cherry being in a lifesigns minimalization state so "she doesn't know" since there are some that are the spitting image of their ancestor *coughMoxycough*.
[7/17/2014 11:31:09 PM] Lorelei Hoshi: Yeah haha XD


[7/18/2014 1:26:52 PM] Moxypony: maybe eventually, even when Watcher managed to find them he probably wouldn't believe his eyes when he saw Cherry Bloom, probably watch for a longer time before attempting to make contact assuming that it could be some coincidence or some sort of monster taking her shape
[7/18/2014 1:27:57 PM] Cherry Bloom: Chaaangelingggssss.
[7/18/2014 1:28:18 PM] Moxypony: a perfect example
[7/18/2014 1:30:33 PM] Cherry Bloom: So in this story, its Watcher's turn to make assumptions of identity.
[7/18/2014 1:31:49 PM] Moxypony: yeah
[7/18/2014 1:32:39 PM] Moxypony: also, I was thinking of including a moment near the start of their trip in which a Sprite Bot stops to watch the Legacies for a little while during/after a fight, but simply starts back up and leaves without saying anything
[7/18/2014 1:33:09 PM | Edited 1:33:16 PM] Moxypony: basically having Watcher dismiss them as potential element bearers
[7/18/2014 1:33:51 PM] Cherry Bloom: Also wanted to look over the timeline you have laid out you wanted the world tree to go off at the same time as the "GECK"?</p>
[7/18/2014 1:34:20 PM] Moxypony: that's what Catch was thinking
[7/18/2014 1:34:47 PM] Cherry Bloom: Yeah.. that's not going to happen if we have them leave after the cathedral thing.
[7/18/2014 1:35:02 PM] Moxypony: ?
[7/18/2014 1:36:03 PM] Cherry Bloom: Think about the timing. It's actually not that long after the cathedral thing that FO:E wraps up. At least not compared to traveling to Neighpon, dealing with things there and getting back.
[7/18/2014 1:36:36 PM] Moxypony: it's about two weeks, but they'd leave before the Cathedral
[7/18/2014 1:38:07 PM] Cherry Bloom: It happens during the Fillydelphia arc, doesn't it?
[7/18/2014 1:38:46 PM] Moxypony: we don't really have much of a set time for when it begins, just that they don't come back to Luneria until after the Cathedral
[7/18/2014 1:42:53 PM] Cherry Bloom: Basically what you have is them going out and finding information about Cherry Bloom. "The Goddess that sleeps free under the moon" And coming back After the cathedral event. then the group using Cherry Bloom's Knowledge of the neighponese world tree to travel to Neighpon, right?
[7/18/2014 1:44:09 PM] Moxypony: yeah, therein lies our problem
[7/18/2014 2:36:16 PM] Moxypony: how long are we assuming it would take them to get to Neighpon?
[7/18/2014 2:39:00 PM] Cherry Bloom: According to that timeline the fillydelphia arc is 10 days. Do you really think you can get there, deal with what's going on there, find the Seed and get back within 10 days?

And we were having Cherry Bloom leave after the Catchedral event so Luneria would stay safe from Red Eye since Cherry is what's Keeping Red Eye away.
[7/18/2014 2:40:17 PM] Moxypony: yes, but like I said, we don't have to stay within the timeline of the book, they could leave before Littlepip does
[7/18/2014 2:43:23 PM] Cherry Bloom: Before little pip leaves vault 101 or before Little pip leaves the cathedral?
[7/18/2014 2:43:31 PM] Cherry Bloom: er
[7/18/2014 2:43:34 PM] Moxypony: Stable 2
[7/18/2014 2:43:39 PM] Cherry Bloom: yeah, stable 2
[7/18/2014 2:43:43 PM] Moxypony: haha
[7/18/2014 2:04:49 PM] Moxypony: yeah, Cherry probably wouldn't know what most of the ponies were up to specifically during the war, plus they don't find her unitl a while after they've already been on the road
[7/18/2014 2:05:11 PM] Moxypony: and I would imagine her time in the war and with Stable Tec would probably leave her a little less trusting
[7/18/2014 2:06:06 PM] Cherry Bloom: Trusting of who?
[7/18/2014 2:06:12 PM] Moxypony: everypony
[7/18/2014 2:06:25 PM] Moxypony: the CMC, the mane 6, Luna
[7/18/2014 2:06:48 PM] Moxypony: everypony was completely different by their end, the war changed ponies, even if ponies couldn't change the war
[7/18/2014 2:09:36 PM] Cherry Bloom: Well she'd probably still trust the CMC. Especially if that's who she spent the most time with during the war. She might not completely agree with all of the decisions but she'd probably still trust them... and by extention 3 of the mane six. Since Scootaloo still had absolute faith in Rainbow Dash and Applejack and Rarity were the other Crusader's sisters.
[7/18/2014 2:10:57 PM] Cherry Bloom: She might not trust Pinkie as much near the end, could be another reason for the whole secrecy thing. But without trusting the Crusaders you have the whole issue of a stable in Luneria has a Crusader Maneframe in it.
[7/18/2014 2:11:55 PM] Moxypony: when I say 'everypony' I mean 'ponies in general'
[7/18/2014 2:12:06 PM] Moxypony: the Legacies are basically strangers to her
[7/18/2014 2:12:15 PM] Moxypony: even if they're descended from her friends
[7/18/2014 2:13:59 PM] Cherry Bloom: So a question would be did she still trust her friends, Like Moxi? Since she's still basically giving up a huge chunk of time to protect Moxi and the others who got into the stable?
[7/18/2014 2:14:29 PM] Moxypony: yeah, but they're all dead and she's alone
[7/18/2014 2:14:51 PM] Moxypony: maybe she's worried how the Legacies would react to some of the things she knows, maybe she's afraid of being alone again
[7/18/2014 2:15:21 PM] Cherry Bloom: So would she give them some rose colored history?
[7/18/2014 2:15:33 PM] Cherry Bloom: Fitting seeing particular things about Cherry...
[7/18/2014 2:16:37 PM] Moxypony: yeah, maybe she'd be able to tell them about before the war, but when the war started either eveypony went too wide for her to really know, or Cherry Bloom knows what they did and wants to cover it up
[7/18/2014 2:17:05 PM] Cherry Bloom: Losing track of them could work.
[7/18/2014 2:17:35 PM] Cherry Bloom: In order for her to be afraid of becoming alone again, she'd need to be aware of her time in stasis. to be aware of being alone.
[7/18/2014 2:17:49 PM] Moxypony: not necessarily
[7/18/2014 2:18:12 PM] Cherry Bloom: It's mostly the again part.
[7/18/2014 2:18:37 PM] Moxypony: she wakes up in the wasteland and everypony she ever knew is gone, that's immediate loneliness
[7/18/2014 2:18:38 PM] Cherry Bloom: How could you be afraid of returning to a state you were unaware of? I could understand afraid of being alone.
[7/18/2014 2:19:26 PM] Cherry Bloom: Rose colored tunnel vision nostalgia goggles.
[7/18/2014 2:20:28 PM] Cherry Bloom: Rose colored because she's the element of Joy, tunnel vision because she was unaware of what went on during the war, or at least the specifics, nostalgia goggles because the stories she tells was still back from when she was chronologically a foal.
[7/18/2014 2:20:50 PM] Cherry Bloom: ooooh... no wait you're right.
[7/18/2014 2:21:00 PM] Cherry Bloom: that was a core part of who and what she was.
[7/18/2014 2:21:16 PM] Cherry Bloom: She has a deep seeded fear of being all alone.
[7/18/2014 2:21:37 PM] Cherry Bloom: That's actually one of the contributing factors behind whay she's so loving and cuddly.
[7/18/2014 2:21:58 PM] Cherry Bloom: She hates to be alone and she doesn't handle rejection well.
[7/18/2014 2:23:39 PM] Lorelei Hoshi: ;;-;;
[7/18/2014 2:23:45 PM] Lorelei Hoshi: Lorelei cuddles the Cherry forever
[7/18/2014 2:24:35 PM] Moxypony: and the Legaces would know she was Stable Tec by the time they found her, making at least some of them wary of trusting her
[7/18/2014 2:26:54 PM] Cherry Bloom: Cherry Bloom snuggles Lore!
[7/18/2014 2:44:04 PM] Cherry Bloom: So a good chunk of the story won't involve Cherry bloom?
[7/18/2014 2:45:28 PM] Moxypony: yeah, like I said, she's gonna have to come in later in the story
[7/18/2014 2:45:53 PM] Moxypony: it's a necessity, given Luneria's perilous location
[7/18/2014 2:46:26 PM] Cherry Bloom: That's kind of sad. I was hoping she'd get to venture out with the group for some locations involving the remains of some of her freinds that didn't get laid to rest.
[7/18/2014 2:47:33 PM] Moxypony: well... there's one way to do that and still keep within an arc that won't make their quest completely moot
[7/18/2014 2:47:39 PM] Moxypony: fail Luneria
[7/18/2014 2:48:02 PM] Moxypony: come back and find the town destroyed, could push them into the 'Good Fight'
[7/18/2014 2:48:27 PM] Moxypony: that'd be pretty Fallout Equestria
[7/18/2014 2:48:28 PM] Moxypony: XD

[7/18/2014 2:49:09 PM] Cherry Bloom: Fallout Equestria isn't that bad. I mean there are town that are established that don't get completely destroyed.
[7/18/2014 2:49:46 PM] Cherry Bloom: So... revisiting the robot idea...
[7/18/2014 2:52:13 PM] Cherry Bloom: It's not fully her, since she's still partially in the sleep like stasis.
[7/18/2014 2:53:54 PM] Cherry Bloom: We could do a pyrovision/Little Sister vision thing so she's not fully aware of what's going on so couldn't ... be a more figurative ... of what she literally would be...
[7/18/2014 2:55:08 PM] Cherry Bloom: She wouldn't be able to tell them of the past since she's not fully aware.
[7/18/2014 2:57:08 PM] Moxypony: that could work, or even just having a connection to somepony's PipBuck, now that I think about it
[7/18/2014 2:58:31 PM] Cherry Bloom: The bot would be swapped for the actul Cherry, perhaps have a gap where the bot was either destroyed or badly damaged. Give the Legacies a Chance to bond with this shade of cherry before they encounter the real thing. Might add to the dramatic tension when she reveals herself and isn't quite the same.
[7/18/2014 2:59:16 PM] Moxypony: yeah... I kind of like the idea.
[7/18/2014 3:05:05 PM] Cherry Bloom: So on the note its badly damaged, but given the time bonding with it they don't want to just discard it, it can also still store items for them, they take it back to Luneria (when they return) and when they take it down to the maintenence area an algorythm triggers to start in an automated repair on the bot. Hadn't been needed before the bot was never damaged that badly. in so doing something shifts revealing the passageway to the chamber where Cherry actually is. Not being aware that she sorta was the bot and still expecting a full sized alicorn when they finally figure out the clues to where Cherry is.
[7/18/2014 3:05:23 PM] Cherry Bloom: That way the bot could be repaired and used as a character for something else if we should need it.
[7/18/2014 8:26:49 AM] Cherry Bloom: Well I just finished drawing a really nasty looking pony.
[7/18/2014 8:27:36 AM] Cherry Bloom:
[7/18/2014 8:32:37 AM | Edited 8:32:44 AM] Lorelei Hoshi: That's awesome but creepy


[7/19/2014 12:25:20 AM] Moxypony: regardless, Equiyoto Ghoul works better as the name for the fungus ghouls, if Wolfberry winds up being a different kind, we'll just have to come up with another name
[7/19/2014 12:26:30 AM] Cherry Bloom: Such as?
[7/19/2014 12:27:07 AM] Moxypony: dunno, but Equiyoto Ghoul should be used for a classification of a full type of ghouls, rather than a unique anomaly
[7/19/2014 12:27:40 AM] Moxypony: I suppose what we'd call it would depend on the specefics of what makes him unique, what happens to him exactly?
[7/19/2014 12:27:56 AM] Cherry Bloom: Sorry, didn't mean for that to sound obstinant, legitimatly curious about suggestions.
[7/19/2014 12:28:17 AM] Moxypony: all good, I don't really know
[7/19/2014 12:29:06 AM] Cherry Bloom: He temporarily gains Mass ans strength with hirgher levels of radiation. when he "bleeds" it off his system simply metbolizes it and he shrinks back down to his default size. Sort of like Strong Guy from X-Factor with kinetic energy.
[7/19/2014 12:29:29 AM] Moxypony: or the Hulk
[7/19/2014 12:29:56 AM] Cherry Bloom: I suppose after you hit that usual lethal levels of radiation he starts to act like a glowing one where he reaches a saturation point and simply stops being able to absorb anymore in.
[7/19/2014 12:30:14 AM] Cherry Bloom: Oh gosh.
[7/19/2014 12:30:26 AM] Cherry Bloom: and balefire is green too.
[7/19/2014 12:30:30 AM] Moxypony: oh, honey, please tell me you realized you were making the hulk here
[7/19/2014 12:30:31 AM] Cherry Bloom: Didn't think about that
[7/19/2014 12:30:36 AM] Moxypony: XD
[7/19/2014 12:30:56 AM] Moxypony:

[Saturday, July 19, 2014 12:18 AM] Cherry Bloom:

<<< It would however mean he can't wear armor, as his mass changes would destroy it unless it was some special armor

[7/19/2014 12:31:06 AM] Cherry Bloom: Because he wouldn't start to turn green until the upper levels of lethal levels.
[7/19/2014 12:31:29 AM] Moxypony: Berserker Ghoul?
[7/19/2014 12:31:55 AM] Cherry Bloom: He wouldn't be a Beserker though. He doesn't lose sentence.
[7/19/2014 12:32:29 AM] Cherry Bloom: Unless you wanted to go the flutterhulk route.
[7/19/2014 12:33:35 AM] Moxypony: Moxypony shrugs
[7/19/2014 12:33:56 AM | Edited 12:34:18 AM] Moxypony: I'm rather a long ways off from the point when I'll be thinking of what to do once he's actually involved in the storyline
[7/19/2014 12:34:44 AM] Moxypony: he's another factor that's cropped up that changes the math
[7/19/2014 12:34:45 AM] Moxypony: XD
[7/19/2014 12:36:03 AM] Cherry Bloom: For each +2 to his strength he gains, he gets a -1 to his inteligence.

Base S 8; I 5

Minor S +1 I -0
Advanced S +2 I -1
Critical S +3 I -1
Deadly S +4 I -2

End S 12; I 3

Or something like this.
[7/19/2014 12:36:32 AM] Moxypony: that sounds like it'd fit the berserker title fairly well
[7/19/2014 12:36:55 AM] Moxypony: makes him twitchier, quicker to anger
[7/19/2014 12:36:55 AM | Edited 12:38:13 AM] Cherry Bloom: Well added the IQ drop thing to fit more in line with the beserker as an explination for it.

[7/19/2014 12:38:02 AM] Cherry Bloom: And of course as the radiation "bleeds off" he shrinks back down in mass from flutterhulk at deadly, to bulk biceps at advanced, Bigmac at minor and normal Stallion at Base.

[7/19/2014 1:23:15 AM] Cherry Bloom: Also with that in mind I had an idea for discovering one of Cherry's siblings, alive and well... Mostly. He wouldn't be going anywhere with them, he doesn't fancy himself an adventurer and isn't going anywhere. So he's just sort of an ally that they might find in Neighpon.

Strawberry Song. On top of his usual medical magic he's learned himself some necromancy. His Love interest/wife, Kiwi Berry, is still around too! But wait.. Kiwi was just a pegasus... but now she's a ghoul, Not a feral one ( Though initially the group might think she is due to her being aggressive toward the group because she thinks they're ghoul hunters who kill ghouls regardless of if they're feral or regular). And Strawberry has taken to capturing ghouls (Only feral ones but the initial discovery of him doing this could leave a lot of questions about that) and studying them... not always in the most humane-er equine ways.
[7/19/2014 1:24:20 AM] Lorelei Hoshi: Lorelei notes to self not to become a ghoul
[7/19/2014 1:26:09 AM] Cherry Bloom: Yeah, Personally I have no prejudices against ghouls. Never had a problem with them in any of the games... unless they behavior was dickish, in which case I'd treat them the same as non-ghoul jerks. if their behavior was bad enough (like talon company) I'd put them down.
[7/19/2014 1:27:46 AM] Cherry Bloom: Yeah I'm not saying that talon company in the games were ghouls, just that those jerkwads had to go.
[7/19/2014 1:30:28 AM] Moxypony: what is your thinking for how he survived so long?
[7/19/2014 1:30:41 AM] Moxypony: or rather, for surviving the bombs
[7/19/2014 1:33:24 AM] Cherry Bloom: Either wound up in a Neighponese stable or was out of country at the time.
[7/19/2014 1:33:24 AM] Cherry Bloom: I'm thinking Plum might not be around, but might have sent the other siblings out of country. So Plum is gone. But used his future sight to get the others out. but sadly couldn't see a way for himself to be out of the country as well. Any future that had him out of the country one of the others would return being worried about the country. So he sacrificed himself to ensure the others were away. Kiwi wound up becoming a ghoul however.
[7/19/2014 1:36:21 AM | Edited 1:36:33 AM] Moxypony: so... we already have a minimum of 4 ponies alive in our story from before the war at this point
[7/19/2014 1:36:50 AM] Cherry Bloom: "alive"
[7/19/2014 1:36:56 AM] Cherry Bloom: Two are ghouls.
[7/19/2014 1:37:19 AM] Cherry Bloom: Two of the 'survivors' are "minor characters".
[7/19/2014 1:37:52 AM] Cherry Bloom: I think the others of the family will be fate unknown.
[7/19/2014 1:38:32 AM] Cherry Bloom: No record, no trace, no audio.
[7/19/2014 1:38:39 AM] Cherry Bloom: No memory orbs.
[7/19/2014 12:39:32 AM] Cherry Bloom: If a unicorn with him learned to cast balefire as a spell, they'd be able to charge him up as well. Now there's an eeirie thought. a unicorn casting balefire.
[7/19/2014 12:40:12 AM] Moxypony: necromancy.. maybe have somepony come across a smoothed obsidian slab...
[7/19/2014 12:40:51 AM] Moxypony: haha, sorry, that's how Wrath speaks to his followers from the Ethereal
[7/19/2014 12:41:39 AM] Moxypony: though casting balefire would probably be nearly impossible with just one pony...
[7/19/2014 12:42:31 AM] Moxypony: it's dragonfire and necromancy, they'd have to be able to produce dragonfire and modify it with necromantic magic simultaneously, seems like it'd be enough to ruin even the strongest unicorns who might attempt it alone
[7/19/2014 12:44:39 AM] Cherry Bloom: So two minimum? One casts a dragonfire spell the other a necromancy spell that modifies it into balefire?
[7/19/2014 12:45:26 AM] Moxypony: probably. and dragonfire would probably be a tough spell to even produce, much less find/develop
[7/19/2014 12:46:03 AM] Moxypony: without access to prewar data and technology, I don't think they'd really have much chance of doing it
[7/19/2014 1:08:59 AM] Cherry Bloom: Might wind up being a worthwhile persuit in an odd way. Don't ghouls need the radiation to live? And once the world is restored, wouldn't that mean no more radiation? Would that mean that the good ghouls, like Ditzy and the one taking care of the ghoul foals and the ghoul foals for that matter would die off? Or would they be able to live just on necromantic energy that unicorns might be able to cast?
[7/19/2014 1:09:47 AM] Moxypony: I don't think the ghouls need it to survive, just to heal, right?
[7/19/2014 1:10:53 AM] Cherry Bloom: Would they need the out and out balefire? Or would just the necromantic energy work?
[7/19/2014 1:11:19 AM] Moxypony: depends where the radiation comes from, I suppose..
[7/19/2014 1:11:39 AM] Moxypony: it's not nuclear radiation, so we don't really know exactly how it works
[7/19/2014 1:13:54 AM | Edited 1:14:50 AM] Moxypony: I suppose the ghouls, being that they're actually dead unlike Fallout ghouls, must be animated by the necromantic energy, so I suppose the necromancy is the important part. The dragonfire would just destroy them, even a ghoul doesn't want to take a balefire egg to the chest
[7/19/2014 1:17:31 AM] Cherry Bloom: Yeah. Standard fare that the undead are animated by necromancy.
[7/19/2014 1:19:56 AM] Moxypony: that's gonna be tough magic to get ahold of
[7/19/2014 1:42:37 AM] Cherry Bloom: Oh gosh, I just thought of a really horrible idea not sure if you'd approve of having another "survived".

But had the thought of Eternal Blue being a feral ghoul. And Wolfberry has to take her out. And he does it by absorbing the energy out of her. So he's holding her, while she's trashing and damaging him. As he slowly dairns the "life" out of her. and she "dies" in his arms as it were.
[7/19/2014 1:43:23 AM] Cherry Bloom: The injuries she inflicts on him dissappear and reappear on her as he absorbs her to death.
[7/19/2014 1:43:32 AM] Cherry Bloom: Gads that's a depressing idea.
[7/19/2014 1:43:49 AM] Moxypony: heh, very Fallout Equestria
[7/19/2014 1:45:46 AM] Lorelei Hoshi: I love that idea
[7/19/2014 1:45:52 AM] Lorelei Hoshi: Lorelei obsessed with tragedy
[7/19/2014 1:45:55 AM] Willow Wisp: Very much so
[7/19/2014 1:49:09 AM] Cherry Bloom: And Cherry could be critically injured because its about this point she gives up. Seeing her mother like that and Eternal Blue nearly beats her to death. Only to be saved by Wolfberry having to fight Eternal Blue. Cherry manages to survive which would part of the point of having Strawberry Song around. Since he's an Alicorn who's special talent is healing. The element of joy could be seemingly broken for a while. Her mask cracked. Her emptyness revelead in full force.

Eventually she'd recover... but one wonders how fully she recovered, or if it was her mask that recovered instead.

And she could remain with the smile that feels empty. Until...

At which point she's start a real recovery. Not just a "Barley hanging on due to your virtue for the sake of the others."
[7/19/2014 1:55:46 AM] Lorelei Hoshi: Wow, I adore that concept for Cherry
[7/19/2014 1:56:11 AM] Lorelei Hoshi: Sad, but the chance for growth and adaption to the current world and seeking hope for it would be incredible

[7/19/2014 2:08:27 PM] Cherry Bloom: Also I'm going to have to compensate for someone at Bethesda being a moron. Other than Luck his entire SPECIA Stats are effected. His Physical Stats go up while his mental ones go down. Strength, Endurance and Agility all go up. Perception, Charisma and Intelligence all go down.

[7/19/2014 2:09:04 PM] Cherry Bloom: Who was the genius that decided that unarmed skill was based on Endurance?
[7/19/2014 2:09:34 PM] Moxypony: making his perception low enough to run over landmines, but his endurance high enough not to notice XD
[7/19/2014 2:09:44 PM] Cherry Bloom: Pretty much.
[7/19/2014 2:09:51 PM] Cherry Bloom: He's going to be our group's tank.
[7/19/2014 2:12:39 PM] Moxypony: 'kay, here's what I'm thinking we might do

there are other Berserker Ghouls, but very very few as the amount of radiation exposure requred to create them normally destroyed ponies bodies before they could even ghoulify, but most Berserker Ghouls lose their sanity in the process, and it's only due to a risidual amount of the world tree's sap (in his ears, or something) that was Wolfberry's saving grace

how's that sound to you?
[7/19/2014 2:13:27 PM] Moxypony: make them also a badass enemy we could have the team encounter
[7/19/2014 2:16:15 PM] Moxypony:

[Saturday, July 19, 2014 1:48 PM] Moxypony:

<<< something like the radiation simply supercharging his cells, maybe causing him to take on a heavy glow during the tranformation (but I'd also want to make him dangerously radioactive within a short radius during this period if that's the case)^ with this being the explanation for what's specifically happening?

[7/19/2014 2:25:53 PM] Cherry Bloom: Fairly close. One of the dangerous things about hostile ones is that they don't glow and give off radiation until they're up beyond the lethal level (1000 rads). So unlike glowing ones they' don't click until they're already super dangerous.
[7/19/2014 2:26:12 PM] Cherry Bloom: well detectors don't click
[7/19/2014 2:26:49 PM] Moxypony: yeah, I'm thinking maybe the others can't metabolize the radiation as well as Wolfberry, so they're always (or almost) in berserker mode
[7/19/2014 2:27:09 PM] Cherry Bloom: If you're not cautious in an area that has one, you could wind up walking into one before you realize it.
[7/19/2014 2:27:52 PM] Moxypony: they're just walking through town, minding their own business and one smashes through the wall in front of them. "welcome to Neighpon, motherbucker"
[7/19/2014 2:28:02 PM] Moxypony: XD
[7/19/2014 2:29:32 PM] Cherry Bloom: Screw it, I wanna call Wolfberry the Big Daddy varient of the Beserker ghoul. Just for the bioshock reference. Because its not like Fallout doesn't have other references in it.
[7/19/2014 2:29:44 PM] Moxypony: haha
[7/19/2014 2:34:59 PM] Moxypony: eww.. San Diego...
[7/19/2014 2:35:04 PM] Moxypony: XD
[7/19/2014 2:39:45 PM | Edited 3:00:10 PM] Moxypony: I can see how he'd get the name too.

The team sees him go Berserker for the first time, but when they see that he's not attacking Cherry Bloom they realize that he's not like the others. Somepony mentions that there's not even a term for a sane Berserker Ghoul, and after a moment of silence while they watch Cherry Bloom and Wolfberry together, Dullahan just pipes up, "Big Daddy."
[7/19/2014 3:10:13 PM] Cherry Bloom: -^-^- I rather like that.

Twenty FirstEdit

[7/21/2014 6:40:34 PM] Cherry Bloom: Unicorns have three additional statistics which other ponies do not. Versatility, which is equal to (Intelligence/2) rounded up, Potency, equal to (Endurance/2) rounded up, and finally Strain, equal to (30 + [Endurance * 3] + [Intelligence * 3]) and gain (Int + End) Strain each level.
[7/21/2014 6:40:52 PM] Cherry Bloom: Int is for knowing many spells, end is for casting the spells bigger and strain is like mana [7/21/2014 6:40:59 PM] Cherry Bloom: Cascade's a sword user.
[7/21/2014 6:41:26 PM] Cherry Bloom: He might even be Toxi's sensei on the matter of sneak and melee weapons.
[7/21/2014 6:41:36 PM] Cherry Bloom: Well...
[7/21/2014 6:41:38 PM] Cherry Bloom: melee weapons
[7/21/2014 6:41:56 PM] Cherry Bloom: Cascade and Toxi are like Samurai and Ninja
[7/21/2014 6:42:07 PM] Lorelei Hoshi : ..pretty much yeah XD:
[7/21/2014 6:43:01 PM] Cherry Bloom: She teaches him Sneak, he teaches her Melee. And he's the one that vouches for her joining the party despite being a foal.
[7/21/2014 6:43:05 PM] Lorelei Hoshi : Toxic would align as Chaotic Good i guess, but her own take of good which may not perfectly align with others.
[7/21/2014 6:43:40 PM] Lorelei Hoshi : I did want to bring up a tribe of blood drinking bats at some stage,
[7/21/2014 6:43:42 PM] Cherry Bloom: Sort of like Cherry who's either True Neutral or the actual pure good (Neutral Good).
[7/21/2014 6:43:49 PM] Moxypony: I was thinking she and Dullahan would sneak along with the others and not be noticed until it was too late XD
[7/21/2014 6:44:11 PM] Cherry Bloom: And then Cascade could vouch for her when the inevitable argument broke out
[7/21/2014 6:44:32 PM | Edited 6:45:20 PM] Moxypony: when Moxy inevitably calls for them to be brought back
[7/21/2014 6:45:16 PM] Lorelei Hoshi : I think that works rather well for me, Cascade may be knowledgable about her being a blood drinker aswell but his honor may prevent him from informing the others.
[7/21/2014 6:45:32 PM] Lorelei Hoshi : "A ponies path should be her own"
[7/21/2014 6:49:21 PM] Cherry Bloom: one rule though, no drinking blood from Raiders. If its crazy its tainted.
[7/21/2014 6:50:05 PM | Edited 6:50:13 PM] Cherry Bloom: I wonder if any goup has incorporated that one quest line.
[7/21/2014 6:50:21 PM] Moxypony: kind of... I mean
[7/21/2014 6:50:22 PM] Lorelei Hoshi : I had thought Toxic being caught out exactly before taking that very action, which is kind of where everything comes out into the open.
[7/21/2014 6:50:22 PM] Moxypony: Arbu
[7/21/2014 6:50:32 PM | Edited 6:50:47 PM] Moxypony: though she made it Andale instead of Arefu
[7/21/2014 6:50:50 PM] Lorelei Hoshi : The Raider disease was only PH wasn't it?
[7/21/2014 6:50:54 PM] Moxypony: yeah
[7/21/2014 6:50:59 PM] Cherry Bloom: Moxy knew exactly which sub-plot I was referring to
[7/21/2014 6:51:03 PM] Moxypony: :D
[7/21/2014 6:51:12 PM] Cherry Bloom: Yeah, but PH is one of the big stories.
[7/21/2014 6:51:26 PM] Cherry Bloom: Stepping on hooves and all that.
[7/21/2014 6:52:04 PM] Lorelei Hoshi : Yeah I know, and I still support the raiders disease though I don't think it covers all Raiders i guess
[7/21/2014 6:52:12 PM] Lorelei Hoshi : Or Arbu wouldn't of made sense at all
[7/21/2014 6:52:19 PM] Cherry Bloom: wait.. no not that quest Moxy the other one in the train tunnels
[7/21/2014 6:52:22 PM] Moxypony: the raider disease is only present in raiders in Hoofington, I think
[7/21/2014 6:52:30 PM] Moxypony: yeah, Arefu
[7/21/2014 6:52:53 PM] Lorelei Hoshi : Ahh okay,
[7/21/2014 6:52:58 PM] Lorelei Hoshi : Well..
[7/21/2014 6:55:04 PM] Lorelei Hoshi : We could possibly use two with hacking knowledge
[7/21/2014 6:55:22 PM] Lorelei Hoshi : Given pegasus terminals can only be acessed by Pegasus and alicorns,
[7/21/2014 6:55:23 PM] Cherry Bloom: yeah... But they didn't touch the questline even if they took the name of sorts.
[7/21/2014 9:44:25 PM] Lorelei Hoshi : Reading up on the Family event in FO3, that would be a fun one to ponify
[7/21/2014 9:45:12 PM] Moxypony: haha
[7/21/2014 9:45:20 PM] Moxypony: that's the one CB and I were talking about earlier
[7/21/2014 9:45:29 PM] Lorelei Hoshi : oh oops, sorry!
[7/21/2014 9:45:45 PM] Moxypony: we didn't say specifics for anyone who hasn't played FO3 yet
[7/21/2014 9:45:58 PM] Moxypony: but yeah, that's the Arefu questline
[7/21/2014 9:46:32 PM] Moxypony: Kkat took the naming idea from Arefu and used it for Arbu, but based its questline on FO3's Andale
[7/21/2014 9:48:40 PM] Lorelei Hoshi : Oh I see
[7/21/2014 9:48:56 PM] Lorelei Hoshi : Though The Family is far different from KKat's take on them
[7/21/2014 9:49:19 PM] Moxypony: like I said, she based it off of Andale instead
[7/21/2014 9:51:22 PM] Lorelei Hoshi : >Strange meat
[7/21/2014 9:51:22 PM] Lorelei Hoshi : ew

Twenty FifthEdit

[7/25/2014 8:42:14 PM] Moxypony: so I was thinking that, since they're both MoA, at some point Alicia serves with/under True Blue, was thinking it might be cool to give them their own little team

Twenty SixthEdit

[7/26/2014 12:21:20 AM] Cherry Bloom: That would be cool.
[7/26/2014 12:27:31 AM] Moxypony: my current thinking is a 4 pony team.

  • Alicia as the primary stealth operative (she was initially recruited because of the fact that her magic doesn't cast a glow)
  • An Earth Pony sniper (maybe codenamed "Tombstone"?)
  • A Pegasus pilot for a vertibuck or something along those lines
  • And True Blue as the captain and backup muscle with his power armor (which will later become his soul's prison)

[7/26/2014 12:29:55 AM] Cherry Bloom: Sounds good. So part of it actually is writing what happened to the characters during the war. Writing out scenes and the like. then breaking up the wuring the war story into pieces to be in memory orbs or audio logs and the like. So you're not wrong for wanting to write about these times.
[7/26/2014 12:31:40 AM] Moxypony: I actually started working on a piece with this team, it follows Alicia sneaking in to check a suspected Zebra talisman lab, she goes in to check the place and when it all goes to shit they drop Blue in through the ceiling
[7/26/2014 12:33:47 AM] Cherry Bloom: sounds awesome!
[7/26/2014 12:35:31 AM | Edited 12:35:37 AM] Moxypony: also, what do you think of the idea of Alicia getting a new rapier forged during the war with an enchantment that creates a poison to prevent blood clotting (and, of course, having the Legacies find said weapon)? [7/26/2014 12:36:28 AM] Moxypony: enchantment or built-in talisman
[7/26/2014 12:36:37 AM | Edited 12:36:48 AM] Cherry Bloom: Sure, a blood thinner sort of thing to promote bleed.
[7/26/2014 12:37:05 AM] Moxypony: maybe even have her use both swords on the battlefield. "Snow and Sting"
[7/26/2014 12:56:15 AM] Cherry Bloom: So one is an ice tailsman?
[7/26/2014 12:57:17 AM] Moxypony: I was thinking it might, but the sword is already named "First Snow," regardless
[7/26/2014 12:57:47 AM] Moxypony: maybe they find it and the talisman has been left unattended for so long that it's frozen a big chunk of land around it
[7/26/2014 1:15:42 AM] Cherry Bloom: Could be interesting.
[7/26/2014 1:58:34 AM] Moxypony: also was tossing around the idea of having Alicia learn her talisman stuff from Zecora and then having their raid on that facility turn up some of the first 'evidence' of her being a traitor
think that idea has any potential?
[7/26/2014 1:59:40 AM] Cherry Bloom: Lots.
[7/26/2014 2:00:27 AM] Moxypony: rockin'
[7/26/2014 1:42:34 AM] Moxypony: given that the only other bat ponies I know of in Luneria are Ebon Heart and his descendants, I've realized there's a decent chance of Toxic Heart also being a descendant of Alicia/Ebon Heart

Meaning this:

[Friday, July 25, 2014 11:36 PM] Moxypony <<< also, what do you think of the idea of Alicia getting a new rapier forged during the war with an enchantment that creates a poison to prevent blood clotting (and, of course, having the Legacies find said weapon)? Could be an interesting character moment with her.

[7/26/2014 2:11:53 AM | Edited 2:12:38 AM] Moxypony: so, another idea that I've been pondering re:GeoPolitics

Germaneigh and Prance are not fond of one another, and while they've recently calmed down enough to begin at least some trade, I can still see the possibility of Germaneigh throwing in on the side of the Zebra nations and engaging in a (proxy) war with Prance, who is in on the side of Equestria

[7/26/2014 2:26:03 AM] Cherry Bloom: That's an interesting idea. more on the side of the zebra does make the war less onesided against them, makes them a more credible threat.
[7/26/2014 2:32:27 AM] Moxypony: Precisely my thinking. And Germaneigh's diverse population, capitalistic mentality, and general disdain for the Fansie makes it the ideal candidate in my eyes

Twenty SeventhEdit

[7/27/2014 10:10:18 PM] Lorelei Hoshi: Trying to think of the easiest way to word this, but I had some concerns about Luneria after the bombs fell. That while I feel making it so descendents can survive is rather vital, its a little too perfect I guess?
[7/27/2014 10:11:15 PM | Edited 10:11:26 PM] Lorelei Hoshi: Finding a reason to make them leave is going to be difficult, as save the Enclave, Luneria is essentially a utopia in the wasteland
[7/27/2014 10:12:11 PM] Cherry Bloom: As Stables tend to be as well, difference being they're underground.
[7/27/2014 10:12:23 PM] Lorelei Hoshi: I could be way off, but thats just been my view on it of late. I worry for the sake of story.
[7/27/2014 10:12:51 PM | Edited 10:13:03 PM] Lorelei Hoshi: Yes, but they often have experiments that offer some negative we kind of half sidesteped that but our stable isn't even needed
[7/27/2014 10:13:06 PM] Moxypony:

[Sunday, July 27, 2014 10:12 PM] Berru:

<<< Finding a reason to make them leave is going to be difficult, as save the Enclave, Luneria is essentially a utopia in the wasteland the reason is the world tree, though it's just Little Seed's intuition guiding them at first

[7/27/2014 10:13:31 PM] Moxypony: they'd also know practically nothing about what the wasteland is really like, just sort of a vague concept
[7/27/2014 10:14:16 PM] Lorelei Hoshi: That is also my worry, given they have lived such an oblivious life so far the likelihood of most of them being slaughtered instantly is pretty high
[7/27/2014 10:14:19 PM] Moxypony: that, and at this point I'm planning on making Luneria (at least early post-war Luneria) less of a utopia
[7/27/2014 10:15:11 PM] Moxypony: I wouldn't rule out the possibility of more than one Legacy dying during the story
[7/27/2014 10:15:34 PM | Edited 10:15:37 PM] Lorelei Hoshi: Unless you were planning on the utopia thing being a part of the story, and others trying to force the Lunerian's from it to claim it as their own?
[7/27/2014 10:15:44 PM] Moxypony: but LittlePip and Blackjack made it out okay, and the folks from Luneria would have more experience with danger than they did
[7/27/2014 10:15:55 PM] Cherry Bloom: Plus Cherry Bot.
[7/27/2014 10:17:11 PM] Moxypony: I was thinking of the idea of some sort of radioactive debris falling up river, the ponies in town aren't aware of it because the radiation levels rise slowly, but eventually a decent portion of the population is sterilized or made sick before they realize the river is the problem
[7/27/2014 10:17:33 PM] Lorelei Hoshi: They have a fully functioning stable with an experiment that offers no true downside, an township also available that will offer further land, despite living in one of the most dangerous places in Equestria they are protected-I understand the Killing Joke being stopped but everything else puzzles me, you want them to have no cloud cover,
[7/27/2014 10:17:35 PM] Moxypony: but that's something else entirely
[7/27/2014 10:18:01 PM] Cherry Bloom: Not all of the stables were experiments. Some were just survival stables.
[7/27/2014 10:18:22 PM] Cherry Bloom: Like stable 2 where you had some Stable-tech family.
[7/27/2014 10:18:24 PM | Edited 10:18:27 PM] Moxypony: no, I think it was stated in the original story that the Everfree wasn't affected by the Pegasi
[7/27/2014 10:18:37 PM] Moxypony: if I'm wrong, that's fine, that's just what I remember
[7/27/2014 10:19:05 PM] Lorelei Hoshi: I've bene over Everfree's FOE Wiki page which offered no help either way there
[7/27/2014 10:19:28 PM] Moxypony: yeah, I imagine we'll have to reread the early chapters of Fo:E to find out
[7/27/2014 10:19:34 PM] Moxypony: I don't really care that much either way
[7/27/2014 10:19:49 PM] Lorelei Hoshi: Again could just be my take
[7/27/2014 10:19:57 PM] Lorelei Hoshi: But while the characters themselves are fine
[7/27/2014 10:20:08 PM] Lorelei Hoshi: Its kind of like they are starting at the most perfect point
[7/27/2014 10:20:34 PM] Moxypony: Moxypony shrugs
[7/27/2014 10:20:53 PM] Moxypony: there's mutated flora and fauna all around them, they might be safe but they're trapped in a cage
[7/27/2014 10:21:10 PM] Cherry Bloom: Technically that's usually the way vault dweller stories work. Everything is hunky dory until...</br> - Velvet Remedy left, thus causing Little Pip to go out looking for her.
- Stable 99's Overmare opened the stable doors
- The waterchip broke
- Dad left the vault

[7/27/2014 10:21:29 PM] Lorelei Hoshi: They still have the over ground, so as far as caged goes they already beat Stables
[7/27/2014 10:21:32 PM] Cherry Bloom: Yeah figuring out how to get out is the tricky part.
[7/27/2014 10:22:55 PM] Moxypony: part of me likes the idea of a secret underground railway built by Stable-Tec to bring certain officials to the observation stable
[7/27/2014 10:23:19 PM] Moxypony: the team uncovers it and uses it to leave, maybe it's destroyed in the process so they can't just take an easy road home
[7/27/2014 10:23:47 PM] Cherry Bloom: But they'd still need to get back IN somehow.
[7/27/2014 10:24:31 PM] Moxypony: yup, but if we don't have them going back until after RedEye torches the surrounding area, their way home would be a bit safer than the way out was
[7/27/2014 10:24:48 PM] Cherry Bloom: True.
[7/27/2014 10:24:52 PM | Edited 10:24:54 PM] Lorelei Hoshi: Though that will leave Luneria more exposed?
[7/27/2014 10:25:01 PM] Cherry Bloom: What will?
[7/27/2014 10:25:11 PM] Lorelei Hoshi:

[Sunday, July 27, 2014 10:25 PM] Moxypony:

<<< RedEye torches the surrounding area,

[7/27/2014 10:26:24 PM] Moxypony: yup, Luneria after that point (and Cherry Bloom's subsequent removal from the stable) will render Luneria an ordinary town
[7/27/2014 10:26:45 PM] Moxypony: which means, as of midway through the story, it's probably got an expiration date
[7/27/2014 10:27:28 PM] Cherry Bloom: So at some point we might want to include the idea of retaking ponyville. Cleaning it up and having the surviving lunerians move there.
[7/27/2014 10:27:54 PM] Moxypony: or, simply take the short road.
[7/27/2014 10:28:19 PM] Moxypony: remove Cherry Bloom from the stable a lot sooner and have the destruction of their home become a true driving point for the characters.
[7/27/2014 10:28:33 PM] Moxypony: it's brutal, but very Fallout Equestria
[7/27/2014 10:28:44 PM] Moxypony: in fact, it seems to happen every time...
[7/27/2014 10:29:18 PM] Cherry Bloom: Well that's not exclusive to what I said about the surviving ones being moved to Ponyville at some point. even if there's a needed rescue from REd Eye's operations.. but that was all the way in fillydelphia wasn't it?
[7/27/2014 10:30:04 PM] Lorelei Hoshi: The last Raider's encampment in Ponyville is only cleared out by Little Pip near the very end of her adventures.

Twenty NinththEdit

[7/29/2014 8:20:13 PM] Cherry Bloom: So i had an idea for the ponification and incorporation into the Legacies story to add to the neighpon arc the MuvLuv Valkyries So a sort of Neighponese Power armor division (since although mechs/giant robots are cool, might not work out the best in a fallout setting. It would certainly add content.
[7/29/2014 8:26:36 PM] Moxypony: like an elite pegasus power armored squad?
[7/29/2014 8:27:22 PM] Cherry Bloom: Haven't decided if they'll all be pegasai. but basically.
[7/29/2014 8:53:40 PM] Lorelei Hoshi: I will be adding the Gemini twisn to Legacies, they will be before the bombs fall though with no descendents
[7/29/2014 9:09:28 PM] Moxypony: far into PH are you?
[7/29/2014 9:09:37 PM] Moxypony: XD
[7/29/2014 9:12:34 PM] Cherry Bloom: she's well past that point.
[7/29/2014 9:12:55 PM] Cherry Bloom: I'm on 18 and that's in previous chapters.
[7/29/2014 9:13:59 PM] Lorelei Hoshi: Well
[7/29/2014 9:14:07 PM] Lorelei Hoshi: thats why I want them prewar
[7/29/2014 9:14:08 PM] Lorelei Hoshi: with no descendents ^^:
[7/29/2014 9:14:24 PM] Lorelei Hoshi: *twins
[7/29/2014 9:14:34 PM] Moxypony: Haha, gotcha. As long as you know they're there.
[7/29/2014 9:15:00 PM] Lorelei Hoshi: Yeah I do =p
[7/29/2014 9:15:06 PM] Lorelei Hoshi: I am 29 chapters in or something
[7/29/2014 9:15:13 PM] Lorelei Hoshi: I havent read it in awhile granted ^^:
[7/29/2014 9:16:03 PM | Edited 9:16:08 PM] Lorelei Hoshi: My Gemini Twins (As opposed to PH) would be working in the Ministry of Image, in particular with some of its lesser public projects such as Soul Jar's
[7/29/2014 9:18:40 PM] Moxypony: Sounds like that'll be fun to work with
[7/29/2014 9:51:22 PM] Moxypony: also gives us opportunity for how to learn about them, given True Blue's fate
[7/29/2014 9:52:17 PM] Cherry Bloom: That's what I was thinking.
[7/29/2014 9:53:42 PM] Moxypony: question, is True Blue still... y'know... inside the armor?
[7/29/2014 10:01:24 PM] Cherry Bloom: As in...?
[7/29/2014 10:01:59 PM] Moxypony: are his remains entombed within a roving piece of nigh-indestructible rage-fueled armor?
[7/29/2014 10:02:01 PM] Moxypony: XD
[7/29/2014 10:03:28 PM] Cherry Bloom: I decided I want to have the Valkyries mixed species. One of which (and the first I decided on the species and only have a cutie mark left to decide) is a bat pony based on Hayse Mistuki with the Equestrian Name "Moon Water".
[7/29/2014 10:03:59 PM] Cherry Bloom: I know what her special Talent will be I just need to figure out how to translate that into a cutie mark.
[7/29/2014 10:05:35 PM] Cherry Bloom: Like the Harnesses from Old World Blues?

erk... Well I just sorta made it so it'd be rather fitting.
[7/29/2014 10:05:54 PM] Moxypony: precisely
[7/29/2014 10:07:02 PM] Moxypony: my thinking was that when the process was complete, the suit wanted True Blue to be inside of it, but was insane and so forceful that it wound up killing True Blue (and likely the researchers performing the transfer) in the confusion
[7/29/2014 10:07:50 PM] Moxypony: after that it's either contained until after the bombs fell, or escapes and is lost out in Equestria when it happens
[7/29/2014 10:10:08 PM] Cherry Bloom: Killing true blue?
[7/29/2014 10:10:28 PM] Moxypony: yeah, didn't we have him dying when the suit went haywire?
[7/29/2014 10:12:47 PM] Cherry Bloom: I was thinking he might have "died" in the process since they tried splitting his sould into two sould jars. so part of his soul is in the armor and part is in his sword that' returned to his family and Cascade winds up with it. like they were trying to transfer all of his soul into the armor leaving behind a veritable vegitable. his sense of "self" is in the sword and the rest is in the armor. without the self the armor does go beserk.
[7/29/2014 10:14:24 PM] Cherry Bloom: Eventually the two parts are reunited in the sword (because the armor winds up being badly damaged in the process) Now this doesn't mean any sort of reliable communication with True Blue. He's effectively gone. It just means an upgrade to the sword as now it is an indestructable sword that can switch elemental properties.
[7/29/2014 10:14:46 PM] Cherry Bloom: I suppose killing the body could be what you meant. yeah.
[7/29/2014 10:15:12 PM] Cherry Bloom: It was trying to get the self back not fully realizing that the self was in the sword rather than the body.
[7/29/2014 10:15:34 PM] Moxypony: It was Lenny
[7/29/2014 10:15:45 PM] Moxypony: it just wanted the bunnies...
[7/29/2014 10:15:51 PM] Cherry Bloom: Yeah.
[7/29/2014 10:16:00 PM] Moxypony: haha, that's pretty dark, sounds perfect
[7/29/2014 10:17:55 PM] Moxypony: I also feel like the creation of the first soul jar would damage Blue in a way, especially if it's a large part of his sense of self
[7/29/2014 10:18:23 PM] Moxypony: perhaps make him more distant and irrational, maybe that's why he's reckless enough to do it again?
[7/29/2014 10:18:51 PM] Cherry Bloom: That works.
[7/29/2014 10:19:08 PM] Moxypony: rockin'
[7/29/2014 11:15:29 PM] Cherry Bloom: Lore are the colors okay for the projected bat pony?

[2014/07/29 22:27:22] вєʀʀγ вℓɑsт ღ (paperstar): They loook good! Such blue
[2014/07/29 22:27:47] Princess Cherry Bloom (creshosk): Yay! Also I learned to day that bats can indeed swim.
[2014/07/29 22:28:46] вєʀʀγ вℓɑsт ღ (paperstar): yep!
[2014/07/29 22:29:00] вєʀʀγ вℓɑsт ღ (paperstar): I watched a good if traumatic at he time of a little battie trying to get a fish


Conversation occured on Steam on Wednesday, July 30th

Cherry Bloom: So I thought of some more drama cake for you. Though from listening to some of PH I wonder how much of it is needed.
Moxypony: oh?
Cherry Bloom: So you know how the stables seem to be odd experiments? Like Stable 99?
Cherry Bloom: except that after the discussion with apple bot that doesn't seem to be as much the case.
Moxypony: ah, got to that bit
Moxypony: yeah, I had pondered at what she says too
Cherry Bloom: Turns out telling them to do what you need is what lead to that rather than stabletech setting up the "rape factory".
Moxypony: yeah, Stable 99 was a result of the darker nature of its residents
Cherry Bloom: What it was going to be was the fact that Cherry is Stable-Tech, so encountering some of these messed up stables would create questions around Cherry that was originally supposed to present three possible paths
Cherry Bloom: a.) Cherry is innocent, the other three came up with the darker things. Cherry gets to deal with that the other three didn't inform her about some of these things.
Cherry Bloom: b.) Cherry was in on it, and it gets into the trust thing between Cherry and the Legacies.
Cherry Bloom: c.) She was in on it inadvertently... like she might have had some ideas offered but wasn't aware what the others were going to use them for. She still blames herself for what happened, even though it was the others. this gets to deal with Cherry feeling guilty, the trust issues and the other CMC not including her in the info of what was intended.
Cherry Bloom: Though after the apple bot thing it seems it might just be Cherry saying about the same thing that was revealed in the scootalog about that was not part of the instructions.
Moxypony: I kind of like the idea of Cherry being involved. Her trying to hide her involvement while experiencing guilt as she sees the results of the Stables would be interesting
Cherry Bloom: kk.
Cherry Bloom: Though it still does make me wonder if the Stable Tech things aren't as messed up as they turned out... how does that play in? It wouldn't be as bad if the stables weren't supposed to turn out bad.
Moxypony: I think that most of the Stables would still be experiments
Cherry Bloom: Yeah, but as messed up as the outcome versus the intended stable?
Moxypony: well, I don't think Vault-Tec intended for things to go to shit quite as bad as they did in the original Fallout universe..
Moxypony: but their experiments were still responsible

Thirty FirstEdit

[7/31/2014 1:08:30 AM] Cherry Bloom: ...
[7/31/2014 1:08:31 AM] Cherry Bloom: ...
[7/31/2014 1:08:39 AM] Cherry Bloom: Well based off these colors...
[7/31/2014 1:09:28 AM] Cherry Bloom: K2.jpg

I think I'm going to have a "splitting image of"

[7/31/2014 10:05:36 PM] Cherry Bloom: though I also wanna ask you all what you think of this so far:
[7/31/2014 10:06:04 PM] Willow Wisp: -shrugs-
[7/31/2014 10:07:03 PM] Cherry Bloom: Making a new faction requires a LOT of characters to be made. I'm going to have to add more for those in actual command, instructors and the like.
[7/31/2014 10:07:50 PM] Cherry Bloom: One of the characters being ponified has the same hair and eye color as octavia... as it turns out.
[7/31/2014 10:09:25 PM] Lorelei Hoshi: I love Rising Star
[7/31/2014 10:10:01 PM] Lorelei Hoshi: Dazzling Edge XD
[7/31/2014 10:10:30 PM] Cherry Bloom: yeah. she's really passionate about yakisoba bread.
[7/31/2014 10:10:47 PM] Lorelei Hoshi: Looks great so far!
[7/31/2014 10:10:54 PM] Lorelei Hoshi: I am loving all the colour palettes
[7/31/2014 10:10:55 PM] Cherry Bloom: Thankies! -^-^-

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