Royal Neo-Neighpon Armored Valkyries Storm Vanguard
Squad positions and formations guide. Generally fighting in front of the squadron, the role of the Vanguards is to keep the enemy out of range of the others, and the "Storm" load focuses on capability to engaging the enemy at both short and medium range, with a shield for additional protection. The role of the first Storm Vanguard in the squadron is generally coveted, as it implies being one of the most trusted and able.

Eishi: Lunar Mist, Silver Spear, Night Edge

Valkyrie Positions
Strike Vanguard
A variation on the "Storm" load, the "Strike" load is more offense-oriented, opting for additional guns instead of a shield. Regardless, the role is the same; to keep the enemy at arm's reach. Strike Vanguards generally operate behind the Storm Vanguards, providing extra firepower and close range support as necessary.

Eishi: Dazzling Edge

Gun Sweeper
Acting near the front lines, and engaging the enemy with large volumes of weapons fire, the Gun Sweeper's role is the rapid extermination of enemy forces while they are engaged with the Vanguards, raking them with massive, sweeping arcs of fire. Most Gun Sweepers prefer a loadout of only guns, all blazing in unison to engage and destroy the enemy in a massive volley. Should a unit be in danger of being isolated from the others, the massive firepower of the Gun Sweeper is brought to bear to prevent that.


Gun Interceptor
B Flight - RNNA VFB Providing additional firepower, the role of the Gun Interceptor is to watch the flanks and manage the killzone of the squadron, acting from the forward flanks and providing additional cover as necessary. They also screen the rear support group from enemies, and help coordinate the efforts of the rear and forward teams. As such, squadron leaders are always fixed as Gun Interceptors, and flight leaders among the non-Vanguards are typically found in this role as well.

Eishi: Rising Star

1st  Lt. Lunar Mist    (Valkyrie 2)
2nd  Lt. Silver Spear  (Valkyrie 9)
2nd  Lt. Night Edge    (Valkyrie 10)
2nd  Lt. Dazzling Edge (Valkyrie 11)
2nd  Lt. (Valkyrie 12)

A Flight - RNNA VFB Rush Guard

Captain. Rising Star (Valkyrie 1)
2nd  Lt. Summer Mirror (Valkyrie 5)
2nd  Lt. Ruby Rose (Valkyrie 6)
2nd  Lt. Patience (Valkyrie 7)
2nd  Lt. (Valkyrie 8)

Focused on long and mid-range fire support, Rush Guard assist the Gun Sweepers in engaging the enemy, and are tasked with supporting the Gun Sweepers with rapidly thinning the BETA groups which are being engaged by the main forces.

Eishi: Frost Flower, Cloudy Cypress

D Flight - RNNA VFB Impact Guard

1st  Lt. Sagetree Wishes (Valkyrie 4)
2nd  Lt. (Valkyrie 17)
2nd  Lt. (Valkyrie 18)
2nd  Lt. (Valkyrie 19)
2nd  Lt. (Valkyrie 20)

Tasked to maintain long-range supporting fire, unlike Rush Guards, who are capable of both long- and mid-range fire support, an Impact Guard's job is to focus on suppressing or destroying particularly dangerous enemies, or groups of enemies, from long range. Impact Guards are typically picked for their skills in long-range shooting, as well as their ability to make snap judgments in rapidly changing environments.

Eishi: Purrl

C Flight - RNNA VFB Blast Guard

1st  Lt. Frost Flower   (Valkyrie 3)
2nd  Lt. Melody Breeze  (Valkyrie 13)
2nd  Lt. Steel Harp     (Valkyrie 14)
2nd  Lt. Cloudy Cypress (Valkyrie 15)
2nd  Lt. Purrl          (Valkyrie 16)

The Blast Guard's role is to herd enemy forces and assist in crowd control, allowing the rest of the squadron to manage their jobs. As such, units assigned to the Blast Guard role are often provided with missile containers to bombard enemy formations. In Hives, they also handle direct bombardment of enemy forces.

Eishi: Steel Harp, Melody Breeze

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