Garis de Chevalier
Sex Male
Sexuality Heterosexual
Residence Prance
Occupation Marquis de Chevalier
Nationality FansieFansie Horz
Garis de Chevalier was born in Maison Chevalier in the year 482cyp, three years after the foundation of Blackmist March and the establishment of the office of Marquis de Chevalier. The first Margrave de Chevalier and son of the legendary hero Arcturus de Chevalier, much was expected of Garis, and he would spend his entire life in service to his homeland.

Biography Edit

Oatfield Edit

When the township of Oatfield went dark in 499cyp, Marquis Arcturus de Chevalier sent Garis, his heir, along with a contingent of knights from Maison Fer Dorè to investigate. Upon arriving in the town, Garis discovered that it had been ravaged by plague, and what remained had been largely destroyed by large, ferocious beasts.

Though such devastation was unexpected, Garis pressed onward, sending a runner back to Maison Chevalier with a ghost sulfur torch and a message for the Marquis. Garis and his knights spread into the town to search for survivors or evidence of the cause of destruction.

In a warehouse beneath the Lord's Manor, beneath a crashed hole in the ceiling, Garis finally found a survivor. A pale mare in a layered dress with no memory of anything but a name, Poppet. Believing her to be safest in his company, Garis brought Poppet along with them.

Though he never discovered the full truth of what happened in Oatfield, Garis would learn of the foul sorceries which were wrought within the town's borders, and would come face to face with the monstrosities they bore. Over the single day spent in the town of Oatfield, twenty three of the twenty nine knights who followed Garis into the town were killed by the monstrous Black Wolverines which had overtaken the town. Finally, Garis managed to end the threat by igniting the overgrowth of firesalt reeds which had overtaken a flooded quarter of the town, resulting in the entire township of Oatfield burning down overnight.

Garis and his remaining knights returned home. The survivor, Poppet, had been brought back to Maison Chevalier at the behest of Garis, and from that day onward she would take up a position as butler for Maison Chevalier.

Garis survived the incursion into Oatfield, but he was never the same after. Of the six knights who had escaped the conflagration of Oatfield, he would watch all but one, his own loyal Sir Berger de Fer Dorè, succumb to the poisonous disease which would come to be known as the Black Fever, perishing in their beds after weeks and months of feverous delusions and agonizing pains. In his personal journals, Sir Berger observed of his lord that after Oatfield, the only moments when Garis de Chevalier seemed truly happy were those when he believed nopony could see him save Poppet, and nopony could see her but him.

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