Kind Bat Pony
Sex Female
Sexuality Bisexual
Residence Luneria
Occupation Princess and Blood Moon Gaurd
Nationality Template:Hiddentext/Transylmanean Horz
She hails from Transylmanea but has traveled back and forth between it and Equestria, she met Night Spark when visting Canterlot, and have been inseprable since. They both returned to Transylmanea at a later date. She fights along side Night Spark within the Blood Moon Gaurd but her parents frown upon it greatly as the princess shouldnt be doing such a dangerous thing. She will always work her hardest to make everyone happy even if it makes her quite sad. She is a very social pony and will oft be seen attempting to make new friends. She has quite a affliction with the Night and she simply adores Princess Luna. 

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