This page is used to tell visitors all about Luneria Wiki.

Luneria is a town built in the Everfree Forest and the Luneria timeline is, as you would expect, the timeline in which Luneria was built. This wiki centers around the life and times of a number of original characters along with events and locations outside of the canon of My Little Pony: Frienship is Magic.

We will only go into aspects of Equestria or canon characters insofar as how they are different within the Luneria timeline and how events transpired differently to alter the course of events and create the Luneria Timeline.

This wiki will also include reference and info on a number of other timelines, such as the Lunar War timeline from For The New Lunar Republic by Moxypony.

The characters, locations, and artwork on this wiki are property of their respective owners, including Creshosk , Moxypony , Twilitmoon , DreamcatcherPaperstar Wishes , Farewell Decency , Voltage-XZephyr Blue , Quiltastic Ink , Starbuck Cloudhoof , Sawsta , Tria , MarinaMidnight Estelle and Metal Milkshake.

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