Biography Edit

Black Construct Edit

Kind Earth Pony
Birthday ???
Sex Female
Sexuality Demisexual
Residence Maison Chevalier
Occupation Butler
Nationality FansieFansie Horz

At some point prior to the foundation of Blackmist March (and potentially Prance itself), a large-scale slave mining operation was used to excavate The Ghost Mines of Blackmist Forest. The bodies which the miners often encountered within the tunnel walls were encased in blocks of clear, blue ice. Unbreakable and impossible to melt within the depths of the mines. Lord Revenant, who oversaw the entire operation, developed a curiosity with the bodies, and when he discovered one just slightly different from the others, he made it his special project. Unable to cut through the ice itself, the miners cut away all the rock surrounding the ice block before dragging the massive block to the surface through a series of specially widened tunnels. Once on the surface, the block was hauled in secret to Revenant's Manor, where he would spend the next several years thawing the ice away. His reward was Poppet.

She dressed in layers and shawls, tied her pale mane in a bonnet, and gloved her hands. She appeared for all intents and purposes to be a pale Earth pony mare to any who did not look too close. The telltale seams on her fingers and hidden beneath layers hint at the truth, she is not what she seems.

It is unknown if any of those frozen within the Ghost Mines ever had lives before, but Poppet was forged in the ice within the mine itself, and emerged from the ice a repository of dark and forbidden knowledge.

The Baron spent the rest of his life learning everything he could from her and writing it into a black leather journal. When he had finally filled the book cover to cover, he used a spell from the book itself to bind his soul to the book, rendering the book nigh-indestructible while ensuring his soul would outlive his aging body.

Amnesia Edit

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