Raspberry Hope

Raspberry Hope adult3

Raspberry Hope as a mare

Raspberry Hope2

Raspberry Hope as a foal.

Raspberry foal

Raspberry Hope as an infant.

Kind Bat Pony
Sex Female
Sexuality Bisexual
Residence Equestrian Wasteland
Occupation Wastelander
Nationality Template:Hiddentext/Wastelander Horz

Biography Edit

Fallout Equestria: Legacies Edit

Early life Edit

Born in the Lunerian town and stable, she has always had a bit of a princess attiude becuase of her father spoliling her. She has one older sister but also considers Toxic Heart as close to a sister as she will ever have. She has never been seen without her necklace that she inherieted from her ancestor Apollo.


Leaving the stable at the young age of 10 she encounters bad event after bad event but it doesnt dampen her cheerful attitude until a certain chain of events involving her blood sister

Fallout Equestria: Bloodlines

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