Kingdom of Transylmanea
Regatul Transylmanea
Transylmanea flag.png
Official languages Roamanian
Recognized languages Equestrian, Fansie
Demonym Transylmanean
Government Hereditary Monarchy
 -  King Duskguard
 -  Queen Dawnblade
 -  Princess Lunei
Sovereign Nation
Transylmanea is a nation bordered almost entirely by ocean, sharing only a singular stretch of land border with the Kingdom of Prance.

History Edit

Transylmanea was ruled by the Thestrals for centuries until the 10th century CYP. When the reign of the Thestrals became cruel, a rebellion was raised by Duskguard and his bannermen which would overthrow the Thestrals, ending their family line and placing the rebellion's leader on the throne.

King Duskguard would continue to reign peacefully until his death.

Cities of Transylmanea Edit


Fortuna Pausa

Vigil Umbra

Arborele Sange

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